“When your body, soul and spirit are in alignment…”

“When your body, soul and spirit are in alignment, wholeness is the result. It’s how you were created to live as your true self. It’s where your outer being is dancing to the same rhythm as your inner being. It’s where your ego-self no longer controls your life and you are at one with the Divine Source. And in that place of stability is also where the highest form of love exists, where healing for the body takes place, where the heart and the mind are in a harmonious state of emotional balance.

“Today it can be scientifically proven that whatever emotions you may be experiencing, be they pleasurable or painful, specific chemical proteins called Neuropeptides are released into your body. And simultaneously, a corresponding frequency is produced that influences the neural pathways in the brain. In a nutshell, your emotions can be working for you, or against you. And your physical body will react accordingly.

“It’s a fact that the human body will become weaker and open to sickness when it experiences negative or fear-based emotions over a prolonged period of time. These lower frequency emotions are debilitating, and are expressed as fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, bitterness, hate, unhealthy cravings, and dissatisfaction.

“But the body will function at its optimum when it experiences love-based emotions, which is where the divine is allowed to flow through you. These higher frequency emotions are empowering, and are expressed as love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, compassion, acceptance, happiness, and inner peace.

“Every cell within your body is calling you to join the dance and be aligned with love.”

~ Daniel Nielsen