Why I Work the Way I Do

I often mention What I do in my practice (which continues to evolve, depending on what I learn from studying, from working on myself, and what my patients teach me), but I thought I’d talk for a moment about Why. My aim, of course, is not to ‘fight disease’, but to try and help the body kick in its own self-healing powers. I’ve found several things that are important for this, and I address them all (which is why my healing sessions run from one to two hours). (1) I believe that, in terms of physical healing at least, the primary factor is for the body to be in a state of relaxation: nothing works very well in a tense, tight, stressed body. Everything I do is at least partly grounded in this idea. (2) Various substances and energies flow through the body, and cannot do their work if there are blockages to their movement. So part of my work is to remove blockages to the flow of nerve energy (through gentle chiropractic alignment of the spine), as well as the flow of blood and lymph (through muscle balancing), cerebrospinal fluid (through cranial balancing), and more subtle energies (through reflexology and some meridian balancing). (3) The value of loving human touch cannot, in my opinion, be overemphasized. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always passing energies between us. My interest is in passing positive healing energy. Like many people, I am not very sensitive to these energetic movements (which is probably just as well, since my ego would take it over and try to make me think I had all sorts of powers), but I know from many of my patients that these movements occur. So my job when I am working on you is to stay relaxed myself, to be present, to always remember my intention, and to simply allow whatever happens to happen: whatever it is, it comes from something much higher than me. (4) I’ve learned that the body does not respond to words (e.g., I can tell myself over and over to “heal my pancreas” and nothing will be accomplished). The body does, however, respond to Vivid Images and Emotions. So after I’ve worked on you from toe to head, I use guided imagery to draw your consciousness deeply into your body and stimulate self-healing, by bringing images of healing light and healing vibrations all the way from the muscles and organs down into the individual cells. Lastly, I end with an emotional exercise that is possibly the most powerful thing I use. We are always so busy that, for many of us, days (or months, or even years) can go by without ever taking a few minutes to just let ourselves feel Happy — to let ourselves really feel emotions of joy, gratitude, and love. So at the end of a session I have you focus your attention on your heart, and really feel these things. I know how hard it is, because often when I tell patients to take a moment to close their eyes and recall a happy memory, and let yourself feel that emotion, some people tell me they have trouble finding one, and some people start to cry because it’s been so long. It’s no wonder our bodies keep sending us messages that we have to stop, breathe, pay attention, and remember that life is magnificent.