Nutritional Consultations

A Single Two-Hour Session. Fee $100 (Sliding Scale*)

Health and healing require good nutrition. Even the most stubbornly orthodox medical practitioner will no longer deny this fact. We all know that many, if not most, of our contemporary healthcare problems could be avoided, lessened, or healed, simply by cutting out all the unhealthy foods we eat, and switching to a healthy, natural diet.

Given the modern reality of so much physical and emotional stress, coupled with so much serious environmental stress, it is often advisable to supplement our diets with quality nutritional supplements and to determine whether certain foods may be having an ill effect on us individually.
I use the tool called Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) as an indicator of the nervous system’s response to various foods and supplements. Paying special attention to issues of inflammation and autoimmune processes, I go through a thorough, system-by-system analysis of your nutritional needs and potential food ‘allergens’ (foods causing a negative bodily response that may not reach a level detectable on a standard blood test, or may only show up on some very specialized blood test.)

No form of testing is perfectly reliable or completely objective, including AK and including ordinary blood tests. This is because we are complex, ever-changing, living organisms, not static mechanical devices. I have found that Applied Kinesiology, performed carefully and skillfully, is an extremely useful tool. If it seems to uncover serious problems, I may send out for a blood, urine, or other test for corroboration.