I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Andy for the amazing treatment he gave me on Friday –
I had been in such a pain on and off after hurting myself mindlessly … .and the neurologists and orthopedists vocabulary was limited cortisone shots, surgery and lots of Ibuprofen in between !
Well .. I have been able to a full yoga routine again last night and this morning ( including my favor downward facing dog πŸ™‚
and no pain whatsoever!
And last but not least … I have been dreaming Friday night of the lovely visualisation Andy made me do at the end : remembering a moment of perfect happiness –
So my dream was lulled by the sound of humming bees and cicadas in Provence and the fragrance of fresh thyme and marjoram while watching my little baby toddler sleeping in his crib under the white boysenberry tree πŸ™‚
And lulled by the time
Eternity sleeps in us ….
Sri Aurobindo

– D.B.

Had a treatment from Andrew yesterday and it was amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like it with any other practitioner. I had a lot of pain when I went in—came out feeling incredible! Pain free and in the best mood I’ve been in for a long time!

– B.S.


I was out of whack and in pain and Andrew put me back into alignment again. Feeling so much better!

– M.B.


Andrew to me is a magic Healer. he is fantastic!  Thanks Andrew …

– P.K.


Don’t miss out on this man’s healing abilities. He truly gets out of the way and allows the healing to happen.

– R.N.


Andrew is skilled, warm and caring. Most important, for me though, is his deep spirituality which allows one’s own intuition to grow.

– K.B.