Self-Healing Slideshow

Please enjoy this soothing 5-Minute Slideshow I’ve created to enhance Wellbeing. Allow yourself a few minutes to just relax, turn on some music that gladdens your heart (very important) and let the words and pictures enter your consciousness without resistance: the images and statements needn’t be ‘literally true’ this very minute, but try not to fret about their accuracy. Instead, let them enter softly into your consciousness, be hopeful and optimistic, and willing to let them steadily create an inner shift, a positive new ‘Inner Blueprint’, toward which your Body and your whole Being may begin to move and aspire as time goes on. Since “what we resist, persists”, this can help you concentrate less on fighting desperately against unwanted things, and focus more of your energy on creating who you wish and intend to become.

Vivid visualization can be a very powerful tool for personal change, self-renewal, and growth. It is far more effective when grounded in emotion, so visualizing while playing music that you enjoy and that makes you happy is very useful. Repetition also helps – after all, a lot of demeaning words and images had to be repeated over and over for a long time to get you here. This is why I made this helpful slideshow, filled with positive, hopeful, words and images that can begin supplanting those other ones. If you turn on some music and watch it often, allowing it to sink in – especially when used as one tool among other life-affirming habits (meditation, remembering to be grateful for the good things that are in your life, enjoying nature, laughter, forgiving yourself and others, practicing love, appreciating beauty in all its forms, cultivating a sense of wonder and awe, and working on yourself in general) – your personal paradigm will start to shift, and as a result your life will change for the better over time. And it doesn’t have to be a Long time.

To reach it, click here: Self-Healing Slideshow – YouTube