Self-Healing Slideshow

Check out this 5-Minute Slideshow I’ve created using Visualization to enhance SELF-HEALING. Turn on some background music, relax, and try to let the pictures and words enter your psyche without resistance: the images and statements needn’t be ‘literally true’ this very minute, but don’t ‘deny’ them or ‘argue’ with their accuracy. Instead, just let them enter softly into your consciousness, be hopeful and optimistic, and be willing to let them steadily create an inner shift, a new ‘Inner Blueprint’, toward which your Body and your whole Being can begin to move and aspire over time. Remembering that “what you resist, persists”, this can help you concentrate less on fighting desperately against illness and other unwanted things, and focus more of your energy on creating who you wish and intend to become. (Vivid visualization can be a very powerful tool for personal change, healing, and growth. Repetition helps. So watch this video often. To reach it, click here: Self-Healing Slideshow – YouTube