I believe this is a benevolent universe, and part of what this means is that if you are hurting or ill and seek healing, the universe sends you exactly what you have asked for. But this is a world of vibration, and the help only comes in the form of vibrations — which we then have to allow into our Being and Body. Unfortunately, we are so filled with tension, stress, physical tightness and emotional negativity, that we often fail to allow healing vibrations to enter and help us. We then run from practitioner to practitioner, from diet to herb to exercise, and expect one of these people or things to heal us. But we are the healer, no one else. So while various medicines, remedies and practices may certainly help, they will never be as helpful as they could be until we let healing IN.

To do this, we have to release the tension and tightness in our bodies, hearts and minds. So my task is to help you relax, to “let go”, to become deeply soothed, open and receptive. I spend an hour on each visit, working gently, never doing anything painful, and utilizing many techniques I’ve learned over the years, to help bring you into a degree of physical and psychic relaxation that you may not recall ever experiencing before. I work on your feet, legs, pelvis, back, abdomen, chest, arms, hands and neck, to totally calm the whole body. I then do some gentle cranial work to help quiet the mind, and end with a Guided Visualization to remove any last remnants of tension, and to suggest some healing images and emotions into your Being. I work mostly with my hands, aware of the amazing power of human touch, but I also take advantage of the healing vibrations of sound, music and voice: the soothing effects of mechanical vibrations and warm infrared light; and I may release points of tightness and tension in the back or elsewhere with a mechanical “tapping” device.

I don’t think of myself as a ‘healer’, and I don’t treat symptoms or diseases. I think of myself as a helper, helping you relax and allow healing (which comes from a much higher source than me) to take place.

[Please Note: My work is grounded in the great value of human touch. I ask that you wear enough for appropriate modesty, but to understand that I will be touching and stroking your skin. (For women, a two-piece bathing suit or something similar is ideal. For men, shorts. I keep some here.) If you feel this will make you nervous — and thus undo the whole purpose of relaxation — I can work through clothing:  but skin-to-skin touch is very healing, almost magical, so this is the preferred way. Also, the inner thighs and buttock area are places where we all tend to tighten up and hold a lot of stress, so working on these areas can be very important. But, again, if this will make you uncomfortable, simply let me know. My fee is $90 for the hour.