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Can we restore a genuine sense of meaning and purpose
without compromising our rationality, scientific
achievement, and social justice? With passion, intelligence
and hope, Andrew Cort addresses this question in
chapters covering science and technology, business
ethics, pop culture, politics, family values, education, and
religion in America. He reminds us that the dream of the
Founding Fathers was that this nation would be the site of
a great flowering of wisdom, beauty and spirit –
and this is
not just a preposterous fantasy that sophisticated people
can no longer take seriously.
"Failing to reach the deeper levels of meaning and truth,
people are stranded in a secular wasteland where they
may engage in a lot of commerce, worship, sex, and
science. But the commerce, as Cort concludes, will twitter
into trivia, the worship will sink into an idolatry of soulless
forms, or veer off into Jihad and vanity fair, and the
science will end up merely performing an autopsy on a
universe that it has declared dead and meaningless.

“This learned and inspirational book rescues philosophy
from the mathematicians, sex from the hedonists, religion
from empty sanctimony, and science from barren
materialism. A must read for all of us who seek a
guidebook for meaningful life in the new millennium.

 George Gilder, Social Commentator and author of
Wealth and Poverty, Life after Television,
The Israel Test
"I've never read a better or clearer explanation of why
things have gone awry as much as they have."

Peter O'Lalor, author of Alexander Hamilton and the
Duty and Obligation of Government